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For your treasured pets


Animals are quite good at hiding a disease, which makes it very difficult to detect changes in their health.

In combination with the mobile app Lab Meister, the SmartRef Digital Refractometer determines urine specific gravity for cats, dogs and large mammals, and additionally allows you to store and visualize the measurement results for future reference.

By conducting regular at-home check-ups, you can keep an eye on your pets health, avoid stress for your pet's and reduce veterinary expenses.

Determination of urine specific gravity with the Lab Meister mobile app and SmartRef Digital Refractometer

With a small sample volume of only 0.4 mL, the SmartRef delivers accurate results - already temperature-compensated:

  • Cat urine SG 20/20 [USG Cat]
  • Dog urine SG 20/20 [USG Dog]
  • L. mammal urine SG 20/20 [USG LM]
  • Refractive index current temp. [nD]
  • Temperature [°C], [°F]
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SmartRef by Anton Paar for a long and healthy pet life

Discover the vital connection between urine specific gravity and your pet's health!
Understanding your pet's health doesn't have to be a guessing game. By monitoring their urine specific gravity, you can uncover valuable insights into their well-being.

Here's why it matters:

Urine Specifc Gravity with SmartRef Importance of Measurement for your Pets

If you know the typical specific gravity range of your pet's urine, an elevated value could mean that your little sweetheart is dehydrated or suffering from diabetes.
If the value is lower than normal, this may indicate that the kidneys are unable to concentrate the urine properly. 

In both cases, quick detection is extremely important. It allows you to consult a veterinarian at the earliest possible point to avoid expensive veterinary costs and unnecessary pain for your pet.

Urine specific gravity represents the density of urine compared to water. While there's no fixed 'normal' range for your cats and dogs, regular monitoring and multiple samples can help establish your pet's baseline. To identify the healthy SG range of your pet's urine, we recommend consulting your trusted veterinarian in advance.

The SmartRef Urine Specific Gravity Refractometer offers a simple yet effective solution for monitoring your pet's health. With its precision and ease of use, you can quickly identify subtle changes in their condition.

Forget about invasive procedures. Collecting urine samples from your pet is as simple as using a paper cup for dogs or a convenient litter box system for cats.

Our Lab Meister app simplifies the monitoring process, providing quick results and intelligent data management. With easy in-app storage, you can effortlessly track your pet's urine specific gravity values over time.

Take proactive steps to safeguard your pet's health. Start monitoring today and ensure a happier, healthier future for your furry companion.
SmartRef Digital Refractometer Step by Step Guide

Workflow with SmartRef Digital Refractometer

Our step-by-step guide takes you through your first measurement with the SmartRef and shows you how everything works.

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Device features

High accuracy

High-precision measurement sensor with an accuracy of 0.2 °Brix

Wide measuring range

Measuring range from 0 to 85 °Brix with automatic temperature compensation


Free mobile app for iOS & Android with smart measurement guidance for precise results

Waterproof design

IP66 dust-tight and protected against powerful water jets

Why SmartRef?

Other refractometers
One device for all units
Continuous measurement mode
Simple cleaing & adjustment
Sample verification for reliable results
Smart data management via mobile app
Over-the-air updates with new features & scales
Automatic in-app calculations
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