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Enhance your measurements with the SmartRef Digital Refractometer and EasyDens Digital Density Meter. These state-of-the-art devices work with mobile apps to gather precise measurements in no time.

From monitoring to managing, visualizing to exporting, the Meister Apps provide you with accurate data that drives informed decision-making.

Mobile app functionalities

 ‭✓ Cloud user account

Create a single secure account for all EasyDens & SmartRef apps, ensuring all your data is protected and always available.

 ‭✓ Multiple device support

Experience the convenience of automatic data syncing across all your devices.

 ‭✓ Various measuring scales

Select from a wide variety of units designed specifically for your application. The apps feature over 60 units customized for beer brewing, wine making, beekeeping, saltwater aquarium monitoring, coffee brewing, and more.

 ‭✓ Two measurement modes

Quick measurement mode:
Take a single measurement at a time. The measurement stops automatically after a result is available.

Continuous measurement mode:
The measurement continues even after the result has been obtained. Observe the behaviour of your sample over a longer period of time.

 ‭✓ Automatic adjustments

To ensure accuracy, the apps employ various automatic correction calculations, including temperature compensation and SmartRef's wort and alcohol correction. This guarantees reliable measurement data that can be used for further calculations.

 ✓ Efficient data management

Keep track of your measurement results. Use the apps to store, visualize, and export data to any device.

 ‭✓ Additional tools

With the SmartRef and EasyDens apps, you'll have access to a variety of application-specific calculators and converters, eliminating the need to look for supplementary support elsewhere.

 ‭✓ Quick device adjustment

Ensure the accuracy and functionality of your device effortlessly with a single click within the apps. If required, recalibrate using distilled water to achieve dependable measurements.

 ‭✓ SmartGuide+

Exclusive to the SmartRef Digital Refractometer:

The integrated SmartGuide+ provides intelligent assistance throughout the measurement process by detecting high ambient light, continuously checking prism condition, sample volume, and more.

 ‭✓ Made for Apple Watch

Take readings using your Apple Watch and easily save them for later access through the mobile apps.

 ‭✓ Pro feature: Higher resolution

Gain deeper insights into your data by displaying a higher resolution of your measured values, allowing for more precise analysis and interpretation. This feature is available for both EasyDens and SmartRef, giving you a more comprehensive insight into your data. Upgrade to the pro app version to access this functionality.

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