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EasyDens determines:

  • Alcohol by volume [%v/v]

  • Alcohol by volume [%v/v] at 15 °C / 20 °C

  • Alcohol by weight [%w/w]

  • Babo [°Babo]

  • Baumé [°Bé]

  • Brix [°Bx]

  • Density [g/cm³]

  • KMW [°KMW]

  • Nihonshu-do [SMV]
  • Oechsle [°Oe]

  • Plato [°P]

  • Proof [°Proof UK]

  • Proof [°Proof US]

  • Salinity specific gravity [SG 20/20]
  • Specific gravity [SG]
  • Specific gravity 15/15 [SG 15/15]
  • Specific gravity 20/20 [SG 20/20]
  • Specific gravity 20/4 [SG 20/4]
  • Sugar concentration [g/L]

  • Review full specifications for all details.

    EasyDens applications:

      EasyDens advanced features:

      • New compact design

      • Higher stability

      • Faster connection due to a new generation Bluetooth chip

      • Faster measurement

      • Higher accuracy

      • Dust and spray water protection (IP65 protection)


      • Instruction Manual

      • GTIN: 9190001020396

      • Includes: EasyDens, batteries, syringe, waste hose, and adapter Luer

        Package incl. Care: Includes EasyDens Care - 2 Year Plan

        EasyDens comes with a warranty of one year. EasyDens Care: 2 Year Plan extends that coverage for one additional year. 

        • One additional year of warranty (total of two years)
        • One incident of accidental damage protection
        • The incident is dubject to a service fee of 99 EUR, plus applicable shipping and import fees
        • Service and support coverage

        Attention: The plan is only valid when purchased within 30 days after purchasing the product EasyDens. 

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 21 reviews
            Paul Callan
            Easy to use and accurate

            I am so happy with my Easydens. Takes the guesswork out of measuring gravity. And very sturdy unit

            Michael Byrne
            Immediate and accurate results!

            No more refractometer readings for Sg and no more fussing around with a hydrometer for Fg. This lab device provides an accurate reading in a few seconds with a very small sample size. If you’re looking for precision, I highly recommend splurging a few extra bucks and purchase this device.

            Jason Ore
            A nice tool to have.

            Quick, easy to use. There is no more trying to guess the number on my refractometer or is the top of the meniscus 1/2 way between on my hydrometer.

            Andy Seil
            Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Easydens 2

            Sauber verarbeitet, einfach Handhabung. Verbindung mit Android klappt einwandfrei

            Johnny Launiere
            Just Perfect !

            This little instrument has changed my way of brewing, it's precise, easy to use and clean. Just perfect! Thanks Anton Paar :)

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