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Determine honey moisture and sweetness in a matter of seconds - suitable for clear and creamy honey, without the hassle of priorly heating up your sample in a water bath.

In combination with the mobile app Lab Meister, the SmartRef Digital Refractometer determines %water and °Brix, and additionally allows you to store and visualize the measurement results for future reference.

Lab Meister App for SmartRef Digital Refractometer Coffee TDS and Extraction

With a small sample volume of only 0.4 mL, the SmartRef delivers accurate results - already temperature-compensated:

  • Moisture in honey [%water]
  • Brix [°Bx]
  • Refractive index current temp. [nD]
  • Refractive index at 20 °C [nD @20]
  • Temperature [°C], [°F]
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Elevate your beekeeping with the SmartRef Digital Refractometer

Precision control of honey moisture (%water) and sweetness (°Brix)

Our bees work tirelessly to transform nectar and honeydew into delicious honey by adding enzymes and drying the nectar with their wings. This drying process is crucial, as excess water content can lead to spoilage by microorganisms.

Beekeeping Honey Bee

Why honey moisture content matters

To ensure your honey remains fresh and tasty, especially if you intend to sell or store it, controlling the water content is essential.

  • Ideal range: Honey typically has a moisture content between 14% and 20%.
  • Too low: If the moisture content is too low, the honey will crystallize.
  • Too high: If the moisture content is too high, the honey will ferment, leading to a less desirable taste.

Honey quality assurance throughout the entire manufacturing process

  1. Before harvesting the honey: Check the moisture content of your honey to prevent fermentation or crystallization and take a °Brix reading to get more information about your honey’s ripeness.
  2. During honey extraction: Once the frames are harvested and before extraction, measure the moisture content again to ensure your honey is within the acceptable range. This helps in deciding whether to proceed with extraction or to allow the honey to dry further. An additional °Brix reading allows you to further monitor the sugar content.
  3. After honey extraction: Make another quick check of your values to confirm your honey moisture has not increased.
  4. Before bottling: If you are planning on holding off on filling the jars, do a final °Brix measurement before bottling to ensure they will be preserved safely until consumption.
Beekeeping Honey Harvest

Measure moisture content and °Brix of honey effortlessly with SmartRef

Experience the revolution in honey measurement with the SmartRef Digital Refractometer. Unlike conventional analog refractometers, SmartRef provides digital readings via the mobile app Lab Meister, eliminating the need for eyepiece adjustments, reliance on light sources, manual readings, documentations and calculations.

The refractive index measurement method allows you to determine %water and °Brix. The SmartRef only needs a few drops of your honey and provides you with results in seconds with an accuracy of ± 0.2% via the Lab Meister app. The integrated SmartGuide+ helps you to ensure the accuracy of your results, and they can then be saved and managed directly within the app.

Beekeeping Honey Moisture %water Sweetness Brix SmartRef Digital Refractometer

Measurement process with the SmartRef - Four simple steps to perfect your honey:

  1. Homogenize your honey: Before measuring, ensure your honey is well-mixed to avoid inconsistent readings. Stir for at least 3 minutes or, if crystallized, liquefy it in a water bath (40-50 °C) before homogenizing. Filter the homogenized honey through a 0.5 mm sieve.
  2. Prepare the SmartRef for measurement: Make sure the prism is clean and apply your honey sample.
  3. Start measuring: Choose your preferred unit (°Brix or %water) and start the measurement.
  4. Save your data: Log and maintain a record of your samples with ease.

With SmartRef, ensuring the perfect moisture level in honey has never been so simple. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional methods and embrace efficient, accurate, and effortless honey quality assurance. Elevate your beekeeping today and guarantee the highest quality honey for you and your customers!

Get your SmartRef Digital Refractometer now and experience the difference in honey quality control!

Determination of water in honey with SmartRef Digital Refractometer

Determination of water in honey with SmartRef Digital Refractometer

Checking if the moisture in honey is at the right level is important for quality assurance in beekeeping. Using a refractometer is the easiest way to measure the water content in the honey.

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Device features

High accuracy

High-precision measurement sensor with an accuracy of 0.2 °Brix

Wide measuring range

Measuring range from 0 to 85 °Brix with automatic temperature compensation


Free mobile app for iOS & Android with smart measurement guidance for precise results

Waterproof design

IP66 dust-tight and protected against powerful water jets

Why SmartRef?

Other refractometers
One device for all units
Continuous measurement mode
Simple cleaing & adjustment
Sample verification for reliable results
Smart data management via mobile app
Over-the-air updates with new features & scales
Automatic in-app calculations
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