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SmartRef is the first refractometer with automatic wort and alcohol correction! One of the most important aspects of brewing is ensuring consistency in the output of your homemade beer. The SmartRef digital refractometer helps you do just that. Connected to the Brew Meister smartphone app for iOS and Android, the SmartRef determines the extract content of your wort in seconds and allows you to follow the fermentation process of your beer with digital accuracy.

Brew Meister takes care of all the necessary calculations for you. The results are already compensated for temperature, wort and alcohol - so you can focus on brewing beer without the hassle of the additional calculation steps.

SmartRef and Brew Meister App for Beer Brewing Extract Content and Fermentation Tracking

The corresponding Brew Meister app is specially adapted to the needs of beer brewers and allows efficient handling of measurement data through easy data storage, management, visualization, and export.

SmartRef is the first refractometer that determines original and final gravity due to automatic wort and alcohol correction. The correction factors can be adjusted universally within the app or individually for each batch to get precise values for different beer styles.

With a small sample volume of only 0.4 mL, the SmartRef delivers accurate results with automatic temperature compensation (ATC):

  • Plato [°P]
  • Brix [°Bx]
  • Specific gravity [SG 20/20]
  • Est. ABV [% v/v] (based on OG & FG)
  • Temperature [°C], [°F]
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Beer Package for EasyDens Digital Density Meter and SmartRef Digital Refractometer

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  • Extract content of wort
  • Fermentation tracking
  • Precise alcohol content (± 0.5 %v/v)
  • Additional equipment
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Device features

High accuracy

High-precision measurement sensor with an accuracy of 0.2 °Brix

Wide measuring range

Measuring range from 0 to 85 °Brix with automatic temperature compensation


Free mobile app for iOS & Android with smart measurement guidance for precise results

Waterproof design

IP66 dust-tight and protected against powerful water jets

Why SmartRef?

Other refractometers
One device for all units
Continuous measurement mode
Simple cleaing & adjustment
Sample verification for reliable results
Smart data management via mobile app
Over-the-air updates with new features & scales
Automatic in-app calculations
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