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Digital Brix Refractometer


For your homemade sauces & dips

SmartRef Brix refractometer | Lab Meister mobile app

When making ketchup, the tomato paste or tomato puree is diluted with water to the desired Brix level. Depending on the recipe, the remaining ingredients such as sugar, salt, and preservatives are then added, followed by sterilization and homogenization for the required consistency.

With the SmartRef digital Brix refractometer, you can measure the Brix value of the ingredients of your ketchup, sauces, and dips and make decisions regarding dilution based on that.

Connected to a mobile app, the SmartRef digital refractometer determines the sugar content of your raw ingredients in °Brix and additionally allows you to store and visualize the measurement results so that you can easily ensure consistency within your production results.

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