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Digital Refractometer

The SmartRef Digital Refractometer determines numerous measurement units for a wide variety of applications: Extract content of beer wort, sugar content in fruits and vegetables, salinity in saltwater aquariums and pools, moisture in honey, TDS in coffee, and more...

    Measurement units

    • Babo [°Babo]
    • Baumé [°Bé]
    • Brix [°Bx]
    • Cutting oil concentration [%oil]
    • Ethylene glycol [%v/v]
    • Ethylene glycol [%w/w]
    • Ethylene glycol [°C EG]
    • Ethylene glycol [°F EG]
    • Moisture in honey [%water]
    • KMW [°KMW]
    • Oechsle CH [°Oe CH]
    • Oechsle GER [°Oe GER]
    • Potential Alcohol Brix [%v/v]
    • Potential Alcohol Oechsle [%v/v]
    • Practical salinity units [PSU]
    • Propylene glycol [%v/v]
    • Propylene glycol [%w/w]
    • Propylene glycol [°C PG]
    • Propylene glycol [°F PG]
    • Refractive index [nD]
    • Refractive index at 20 °C [nD @20]
    • Salinity parts per thousand [ppt]
    • Salinity specific gravity [SG 20/20]
    • Temperature [°C]
    • Temperature [°F]
    • Total dissolved solids [%TDS]
    • Total dissolved solids custom [%TDS]
    • Wort Plato [°P]
    • Wort specific gravity [SG 20/20]

    Additional measurement units for Pro mobile app subscription:

    • Corn syrup AC 28 DE [%w/w]
    • Corn syrup AC 42 DE [%w/w]
    • Corn syrup AC 55 DE [%w/w]
    • Corn syrup DC 32 DE [%w/w]
    • Corn syrup DC 63 DE [%w/w]
    • Corn syrup DC 70 DE [%w/w]
    • Corn syrup DC 95 DE [%w/w]
    • Fructose [%w/w Fru]
    • Glucose [%w/w Glc]
    • HFCS 42% [%w/w]
    • HFCS 55% [%w/w]
    • HFCS 90% [%w/w]
    • HMCS 42% [%w/w]
    • HMCS 50% [%w/w]
    • Invert sugar [%w/w IS]
    • Review full specifications for all details.


    Product features

    • Free mobile app for iOS/Android
    • Measuring range (0 to 85 °Brix)
    • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
    • Built-in wort and alcohol correction that is fully configurable
    • High precision (0.2 °Brix)
    • Quick measurement (2 Sec.)
    • Small sample volume (0.4 mL)
    • SmartGuide+ intelligent measurement guidance
    • Data visualization, storage, and sharing via app
    • Dust-tight and protected against strong water jets (IP 66 according to IEC 60529)

    Product details

    • Instruction Manual
    • GTIN: 9180008280015
    • Includes: SmartRef, Quick Guide, Safety Guide, 2x AAA batteries, 4x pipettes


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    EasyDens and SmartRef Combo for ABV Determination of Beer, Wine, Liqueur and Kombucha

    EasyDens & SmartRef Combo

    Precisely determine the alcohol percentage in your completed beer, wine, liqueur, and kombucha.

    The app merges the density measurement from EasyDens and the refractive index measurement from SmartRef to create an unmatched measurement solution.

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